Design is seen and used everyday in homes, at work, on the streets. Design communicates a message for awareness or understanding of a cause, purpose, or how something works. There are so many occupations around the world that have the word “designer” right after it. Such as, interior design, furniture design, graphic design, textile design, product design, game design, etc. What all these designers have in common is they are problem solvers. Designers find and make solutions to these problems because it makes life simpler for those who are affected by the problem. Graphic and industrial designer Massimo Vignelli said,” If you can design one thing, you can design everything.” I believe this quote to be very truthful because as designers, we are keen to figuring what kind of solutions can be made to help society. What makes people choose a sub-category versus being labeled just a DESIGNER? I believe interest is part of the reason but another is because all these designers are not open to learning more then they need. Openness is a necessity to understand the world and the people living in it. If designers become more open they become a valuable asset because they know the value and opportunity of being just a designer. I want people to know I’m a designer and I can find solutions to whatever problems they have.